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Published on: December 12, 2016

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There are so many of us who complain that we need to get in shape but never have enough motivation. Many would say that it is all about integrating discipline into your life. It is true but each one of us is different and sometimes a person needs some motivation to start an exercise routine.

Music has become a very important part of our daily lives. Whether you go to a party, a shopping mall or dine out, you will find it everywhere. Good and appropriate music according to the situation and environment can do wonders to set the mood. Some would say that good music is food for the soul.

Although, life, in general, can’t have music in the background as we normally see in the movies and want but people have been easily able to integrate music into daily activities. Some people listen to the music while they run or walk in the park every morning, some like it while they complete their daily chores and no matter how unlikely it might seem but students listen to it while they study and bookworms go through novel after novel. It is about multi-tasking and your ability to concentrate. Music is different for everyone; some like it fast while others go slow, some find the meaning behind the lyrics while some just get lost in the beat. Regardless of all these facts, it is still very common to listen to music while you shape your body in the gym or at home.

The Hassle of the Hands-free

Hands-free have been a friend to music lovers for a long time. It is easier to get lost in your favourite song without other people interfering. However, it is very hard to deal with all the wires tangling and making a mess. It becomes even more difficult when you are lifting weights in the gym.

So, wouldn’t it be great to find weights that don’t help you only get toned but enjoy music at the same time without having any messy wires around?

Discover the W Weight!

Musical Weight Lifting Experience

The W Weight comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker system. It allows you to listen to your favourite beats while you exercise without any messy wires. All you need is to turn on the Bluetooth and connect it to your music source. Next, you can enjoy the music at your required volume.

Designed by Lord Obasogie Amen, the W Weight is a good motivation to get your fitness routine started.

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