Best Way to Ensure Your Baby’s Health

Published on: January 18, 2017

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In the world filled with technological devices, it might not come as a surprise to you that soon to be parents are buying devices to monitor the baby. Nowadays the parents to be are using fetal Doppler to monitor that heartbeat of their baby whenever they want. This provides them peace of mind that their baby is doing well.

The fetal Doppler sends out high-frequency sound waves that pass through your skin into your baby. When waves encounter movements they are bounced back to the device. Then device transmits the movements into sound and amplifies it making it easier for you to hear.

Belly Bean

The Belly Bean is a fetal Doppler that pairs with your smartphone wirelessly. The sleek and simple fetal Doppler designed by Klaudia Golaszczyk has easy functionality. The main objective is to provide peace of mind to soon to be a parent. The Belly Bean is useful in checking the heartbeat of your baby at any time. This device is not like other devices that use a lot of wires and many confusing buttons. It is intuitive and user-friendly due to the dedicated app. The app gives recommendations and has the capability of transmitting the real-time data to medical experts.

Moreover, it is an innovative design that monitors the heartbeat of the baby. Then sends the transmission in 2 ways. The first is to save on data cloud storage while other is to share with the medical professionals and family and friends.

The recommendations are provided by the device after monitoring the heartbeat. For instance, if the heart beat seems to be slow, then you should contact a medical expert. Belly Beans features various functions like pregnancy progress, weight chart, kick counter and much more.

The Belly Bean comes in a container that safely keeps the fetal Doppler. There is a packaging top underneath it a fetal Doppler is placed. Then there an induction charger which is located on the top of the charger and cable holder. Before the packaging bottom is the USB cable. This device very durable and long lasting.

Hence, monitoring the heartbeat of your baby at home is made easier with the help of Belly Bean. By providing recommendations the parents get to know what they should do. The Doppler is great to use if you think they baby is inactive, you check the heartbeat. The fetal Doppler gives a unique bonding experience with the baby prior to birth.


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