All You Need to Know About Hexacopter

Published on: June 19, 2017

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Drones play an important role in performing a lot of different tasks. As the technology is advancing with every passing day, new technologies are being introduced in the market that allows us to perform difficult and heavy tasks in a matter of seconds. Out of all the other uses, we can have from drones, the best is that they allow us to capture the aerial views of different areas. The Hexacopter introduced by the Chang Skyway is the one that is used for the above-mentioned purpose.

The drone contains high-quality features that were not introduced in the market before. It contains much more flying power than an average drone. It is designed by Darko Nikolic. Other features of this Hexacopter includes the following:

  • The ability to have a steady flight.
  • Can reach higher attitudes with quite an ease.
  • Extra flying power.
  • Equipped with professional cameras.
  • You can record high-quality videos and can capture high-quality images.
  • Contains an infrared for the purpose of capturing pictures in the night.
  • The presence of 360 cams.
  • Other gadgets to make the footage much more clear than the images recorded from regular drones.
  • Comes with a unique design of folding that allows the drone to be converted into the position where the blades attached to it can be placed in a place that avoids any harms. It will also further reduces the footprints during the transportation phase.
  • Comes with the installation of obstacle avoidance system.
  • An installation of the secondary camera to make the flight easier through the narrow and difficult places.
  • Comes in three different colors.

With all the features that are explained above, the best part of these drones is that it can be used effectively in every possible way. The technologies that are introduced in this drone makes it highly recommended for different tasks. The design is highly advanced that allows a stable flight. Moreover, you can record each and every single detailed with the high-quality camera that is attached to it. Other than that, it also contains a secondary camera that can be used for different purposes. It also contains a night surveillance mode due to which it can also be used effectively in a night. This Hexacopter is the best that can be used for different purposes.

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