Aesthetically Pleasing Cycling Hats!

Published on: February 25, 2017

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Protection is the main concern for people who use cycling as their means of transportation.  Well, to protect us from that, we have cycling helmets to be thankful for! Bicycle helmets offer you with the protection from having your face and neck injured while riding your cycle. A bicycle helmet is considered to be slightly bulky than a cycling cap. It provides ventilation since cycling is an intense activity that causes a significant rise in the human body temperature. Cycling helmets have changed drastically since their evolution in 1970.

The dominant style of cycling helmet until 1970 was the leather hairnet style. This helmet had the least protection and it was mainly used by racing cyclists. Cycling caps are prototypical part of any road cycling. The cycling hat is made of thin material and the peak of the cap is flexible. The back of the cap has the elasticity feature that enables it to fit the back of your head perfectly.

Why must one wear a cycling cap?

To protect your head and face from any possible injury, a cycling cap is a must! Besides protection from possible injuries, a cycling cap also keeps the sweat from dripping in your eyes and protects you from rain.  The peak of the cap acts as a shield from the sun on bright sunny days! The cycling cap is a very functional piece of the kit. Wearing a cycling cap soon became an art in a unique way. Everyone had their own style while those who didn’t, feel no hesitation in imitating it.

Most bicycle riders do not carry helmets solely for how hefty they are. Fuga helmet by Closca solves all problems and comes up with the most convenient and aesthetically appealing riding caps ever! These are the best helmets in the market. Wait, there is also a more to it! Yes, they are easily foldable with interchangeable accessories and an option to connect your smartphones with it. It is just as safe as a normal helmet. Closca helmets support the balance between functionality, style, and protection. The foldable feature enables it to transform into a slim piece that can be easily placed in bags.


The aesthetics is a win-win factor in these helmets, which the riders would want to flaunt. This will result in the riders wanting to wear the helmet even more.

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